Dressed in her winter boots and a fancy dress, four-year-old Angelina McCaughan executed her curtsy for the lieutenant-governor on Sunday.

Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis held her New Year’s levee at Province House. It traditionally runs on New Year’s Day but a blizzard postponed this year’s event.

Angelina’s mother, Carolyn, said her daughter wasn’t nervous as she delivered her practised curtsy.


Historian Elizabeth Churchill Snell was very enthusiastic to meet Her Honour yesterday afternoon. The two stood close together as they chatted about former lieutenant-governors.

“I so much wanted to meet Her Honour,” Churchill Snell said. “I live across from Government House and I was saying to (Francis) that I had a descendant from the third lieutenant-governor in that building.”

Trina Oyckle of Dartmouth, who had never stepped inside Province House before yesterday, was the second person in line.

“It’s looking like I’ll be moving to Alberta later this summer so I thought I better come before I don’t get a chance to ever come again,” she said. “I’m getting married and my fiancé lives out there.”

Oyckle said she talked about the weather with lieutenant-governor.

“It’s swanky; I like it,” Oyckle said gesturing to the musicians and catered snack table in the Red Room of Province House.

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