Monica Magnetti, a Vancouver-based life and wellness coach, will attend the city’s annual wellness show, March 2 to 4 at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre.


It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a cold, drizzly winter, the Christmas holidays a distant memory and the promise of spring an even more distant future.

With the winter doldrums in full swing and New Year’s resolutions long broken, it seems easy to feel discouraged and uninspired.

But Monica Magnetti has found the silver lining in Vancouver’s February rain cloud. “This is the most stressful and depressing time of the year,” says Magnetti, a Vancouver-based life and wellness coach who last week published two new books on coping with stress. But, she says, the winter months are a good time for introspection.

“Often the times when we are down are the best times for us to plant new seeds, so it’s a good time for people to address who they are, and assess why they’re down, and find out why, and how to change.”

Through Luna Coaching, which she incorporated in 2004, Magnetti helps clients assess their values, and live their lives according to those values.

“I was diagnosed with chronic pain,” said Magnetti. “But it doesn’t run my life. I’m choosing to live a healthy life. And when you live a life out of choice, you can live 100 per cent at your full potential no matter what’s on your plate.”

Born in Italy, Magnetti holds a bachelor of fine arts from the University of British Columbia and is certified with the Coaches Training Institute of California.

She says she’s always been driven to help people. “What I do comes very naturally to me, and I just really love working with people, and my goal and my vision is to support people 100 per cent to get what they want.”

Magnetti’s newest books, Outsmart Stress and Being In The Present: How To Create The Blueprint Of Your Life, are designed to support readers in finding a more balanced and fulfilling life.

She will also be at Vancouver’s annual wellness show March 2 to 4 at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, helping visitors deal with the stress that overwhelms so many people this time of year.

“When a client tells me, ‘Wow, I never thought this was possible, I’m leading the life of my dreams,’ I just am jumping up and down with joy, because this is the person they’re capable of being, and I love my job because of that. And their world changes when people are happy.”

“It is so easy to actually be the wonderful people we are, if you’re willing to,” she says. “When people are happy, they get it all.”