Her own experiences accidentally injuring an older woman inspired Heather Houston’s short film Running Into Edna.

“I did actually help her out a bit with a little housecleaning and with her home,” said Houston, who didn’t go into detail. “Everything is alive and well.”

Her short 30-minute film is premiering on CBC Television at 7 p.m. tonight as part of the network’s special spring programming during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Starring Stacy Smith, Deborah Allen and Nigel Bennett, the film is about a young woman, Amanda Darling, who backs over an elderly woman’s ankle. She then tries to help the woman, Edna, by redecorating her apartment.

“I met the director, Scott Simpson, and he sat with me and developed the characters,” she said. “I took something that was part of my life, and turned it into a script.”

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