An environmental group is calling on frugal mayor-elect Rob Ford to follow through with a plan for light-rail transit to the suburbs, saying it’s not only greener, but cheaper than the alternatives.

A study yesterday by the Toronto Environmental Alliance suggests these trains will save money.

“From the perspective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the most effective way of doing it, per dollar spent, is through light-rapid transit,” said the group’s executive director, Franz Hartmann.

“It’s the best from an environmental perspective and it’s the best from a financial perspective.”

During the mayoral campaign Ford said streetcars were not the answer to Toronto’s transit needs, and said he also wanted to halt a provincially-funded plan to build light-rail lines. The right-leaning Ford said he preferred to add buses and extend the subway system in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Following the election, Ford backed away from his plan to phase out streetcars, saying he would not cancel an order that would “cost the taxpayers an arm and a leg.”

Ford has not made a similar retreat from his musings about killing the light-rail plan.