The safest way to enjoy fireworks this May 24th weekend is to enjoy a public fireworks show. At the same time, “we know people are going to deal with fireworks and we want to make sure they’re doing so safely,” says Valerie Powell, a spokesperson for the Canada Safety Council.
“From a safety perspective, we recommend people not discharge fireworks at home, but we know not everybody will adhere to that.”


If you do decide to have your own fireworks display, here are some safety tips:


• Don’t smoke near fireworks.


• Set up your display in an open, level space away from spectators (check that the wind is blowing away from spectators).


• Ensure that you have a bucket of water, a pail of sand and a fire extinguisher with you, as well as a cell phone in case you need to call 911.

• Don’t give sparklers to children under eight. Sparklers burn extremely hot and are usually shaken or moved around a lot, so the potential for burns and accidents is greater. Be sure to immerse them in a pail of water once they’re out.

• Contact the local fire department to learn the regulations on discharging fireworks in your municipality.