The 0-5-1 Maple Leafs want to hit the reset button, says Leaf coach Ron Wilson. If the Leafs were a computer, Wilson would be turning it off, then turning back on again to see if it can start downloading instructions and begin operating as advertised.

So press “reset,” count for 10 seconds, and, as the techies say, cross your fingers. If all goes well, the following will have changed, for the better:

Goaltending: The Leafs have surrendered the first goal in each game and have only held a lead for five minutes 41 seconds.

Leadership: Nobody wears the C. They were brow-beaten by Wilson that none in the room were worthy of being a leader; perhaps now they believe it.

Toughness: Sure, they fight. But the Leafs are anything but tough. Forwards don’t go to the net. They skate the perimeter and take shots from 40 feet. Few take a hit to make a play. When they do make a hit, it’s usually a defenceman who’s out of position.

Defence: It was supposed to be the team’s strength, but only Ian White is playing above his weight.

Offence: Scoring is supposed to be a group effort, but the group is acting like a bunch of individuals. Maybe they just don’t have the talent.