The line that separates curling up with a good book and crushing the skull of your opponent is grayer than you might think. OK. Not really.

‘100 Classic Books’

Console: Nintendo DS

Company: Nintendo

Grade: ?????

The Kindle — along with the iPad — has a lock on all of your electronic reading needs. That doesn’t mean other devices can’t try. Enter “100 Classic Books” for the Nintendo DS. This application is an e-reader that comes packed with over 100 books. But is this app Gutenberg’s printing press or Guttenberg’s “Three Men and a Little Lady”?


The interface is serviceable and the price point is a measly twenty bucks. Still, those small DS screens aren’t exactly suited for long stretches of reading. _____________________________________________________________


‘UFC Undisputed 2010’

Console: Xbox 360/PS3

Company: THQ

Grade: ?????

Ultimate Fighting Championship is the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization. People go gaga for it. It makes sense that it would spawn video games. This second one is a treat for fans of the organization. The presentation is through the roof, featuring color commentary by Joe “NewsRadio” Rogan and a robust character creation tool.


There are some issues, though. The in-match commentary can get repetitive, which is a scourge for licensed sports titles. The control scheme is also overly complicated, which may turn off casual players.