Facebook has launched the biggest overhaul of users’ home pages in years, upping the stakes against competitors and providing “a nearly constant stream of stuff to look at,” according to one tech analyst.

The new News Feed, the latest and largest in a month of roll-outs, eliminates the need to toggle from new posts to top posts and combines all the “top stories” at the top, marked with a blue corner.

What you see is determined by how often you visit your page, what your relationship is to the person posting, and what type of story it is, Facebook programmer Mark Tonkelo­witz said in a blog.

“News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper,” said Tonkelowitz. “All your news will be in a single stream with the most interesting stories featured at the top.”


The other major change to users’ home pages is the Ticker, a right-hand column that streams live content from “friends.”

If you haven’t visited Facebook for a while, the first things you’ll see are top photos and statuses posted while you’ve been away. The Ticker has been in testing for weeks, TechCrunch.com quoted Facebook VP of Engineering Mike Schroepfer as saying.

Finally, Facebook is boosting the size of photo thumbnails in your feed, which makes them nicer to look at (and more inviting to click on).

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