“In one development (in Dubai) called The World, the condominium is actually shaped like the globe.”


In recent columns, I have praised Toronto as one of the best cities in the world for condominium choice and value. We also enjoy much more floorspace than most condo dwellers in major cities across Europe and Asia, where tall, crowded buildings are densely packed into urban areas. Here, we may consider a 500-sq.-ft. condominium suite suitable for a couple, where in another country a family may live in the same amount of space.


Another difference is in architecture. In my world travels, I’ve seen some fascinating condominiums with extremely unusual architecture in exotic places such as Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This exciting city attracts a high number of tourists for many reasons. Known as the shopping capital of the Middle East, it is a duty-free bargain hunter’s paradise. The city is emerging as a global business hub as well.


Innovative real-estate projects have also created a skyline like no other. The residential real-estate industry is exploding in Dubai. Condominiums are popping up there in every possible shape and size — some 50 and 60 storeys high — and visual drama is the name of the game. In one development called The World, the condominium is actually shaped like the globe. If you look down on it from above, you can see the building wings in the shapes of countries. If you were Irish, for example, you could choose to purchase a suite in the cluster shaped like Ireland. It’s positively bizarre in a fabulous way.


Of course, we have our own stunning skyline in Toronto, with stylish condominiums creating striking city views. Developers here are working hard to house as many people as possible as our population grows dramatically every year. When any cosmopolitan city experiences this kind of popularity and growth, there really is only one way to go.

And that’s up!

Pat Baker is CEO of Baker Real Estate Corporation, one of the world’s most respected and successful condominium sales and marketing firms. Through an international network of top-performing associates in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe (including Dublin), the company works with many of Toronto’s prestigious developers to represents the city’s hottest selling projects.