If you thought the past week was sticky-hot, just wait for today.

“We’re looking at those temperatures continuing, in fact (today) is going to be the warm day,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Linda Libby.

The forecast calls for 33 degrees of hotness, with the humidity making it feel like 35 C to 40 C.

“We’re looking at potentially four days of record-breaking temperatures this week,” Libby added.

“The temperature starts dropping on Friday, but there’s a lot of wiggle room in there depending on what (hurricane) Earl does.”

But no matter how hard or gentle Earl turns out to be, there will be a change in the weather, Libby said.

“It may not be as hot, but it could still be just as humid.”

Normally for the first week of September temperatures hang around the 20 C mark.

But circulation from a ridge of high pressure is bringing air from the Caribbean and the southern states over Eastern Canada.

Even though we’re having a very summer-like fall so far, it doesn’t mean we’ll pay for it with a wicked cold winter, Libby explained.

“I don’t think that scientifically really exists,” she said. “That being said, we had a warm winter and spring and we saw above-normal temperatures of June and July.”

Meanwhile, ice cream vendors are doing brisk business, beaches are jammed, and youngsters throughout the HRM are soaking up some extra bits of summer before they head back to school tomorrow.

Breaking records
Halifax has already seen a few broken temperature records this week, and a few more could be in store.

• Monday Hit 29.6 C, beating record of 29.4 C set in 1991
• Yesterday Hit 31 C, beating record of 30 C set in 1973
• Today Forecast is 33 C; record is 32.2 C set in 1969
• Tomorrow Forecast is 32 C; record is 30 C set in 1953

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