American luxury sedans tend to deliver ample doses of luxury and style at a reasonable price point once they hit the used market —- and the Lincoln LS is no exception. The now-retired model was one of the brand's most successful entry models, and was available in model years 2000 to 2006 inclusive.

Both six and eight-cylinder engines were available, as was a rare manual transmission on the smaller engine. Power output for the standard 3.0-litre V6 was rated at 210 or 232 horsepower depending on the year, while the small-displacement 3.9-litre V8 generated 252 or 280 ponies.

The LS was facelifted and powered-up for a 2003 update, after which it carried on until 2006 before being replaced by the Zephyr, which is now called the MKZ. Many criticized Lincoln for stopping production of the rear-drive LS in favour of the front-drive Zephyr, which is a badge-engineered Ford Fusion twin.


Indeed, the award-winning LS was a viable alternative to comparably-sized luxury sedans from Germany and Japan.

Features included a CD changer, THX audio system, power sunroof, dual-zone climate control, a motorized tilt/telescopic steering wheel and a full complement of airbags. Xenon headlights were available, too.

Shoppers considering the Lincoln LS for its styling, ride quality and relative affordability should avoid earlier models and opt for as new a unit as their budget allows.

What owners said

What they like: LS owners praise the styling, handling, ride, power and pricing. The THX stereo system is said to be excellent, as well.

What they hate: Complaints from LS owners were few and far between, though some gripes exist about poor fuel economy with the V8 engine.

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