If anything can be read into a winking emoticon, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may be a couple again — at least in Lohan’s view — people.com reports.

“Leaving London but with my favorite favorite!!! (sic)” Lohan, 22, wrote on her Twitter page Monday as she and Ronson were photographed at a London airport terminal together awaiting a flight to Los Angeles.

Further fuelling speculation, Lohan adds: “Great news to share!! Maybe .... ;)”

Lohan, 22, and Ronson, 31, both have been in the U.K. in recent days but weren’t seen spending time together — they stayed at separate hotels — though there was a near-miss last week when Lohan showed up at London’s Bungalow 8 club where Ronson was spinning — only to have Ronson make a dash for the door, according to the Daily Mail.

Still, a source told People that for weeks now, Lohan has been telling pals she’s patched things up with Ronson.

“They haven’t started fighting yet, but they are back together as far as Lindsay is concerned,” said the source. “Lindsay has been doing so much better and has been giving Sam her space. She is really dedicated to making it work.”

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