With wait times and lineups at city-run H1N1 vaccination clinics “steadily decreasing over the last two days,” Ottawa’s medical officer of health said it’s possible Ottawa may be getting close to a saturation point for vaccinating residents in priority groups.

“My best estimate is individuals in the priority groups that are most interested in getting this vaccine now have had the opportunity to do so,” said Dr. Isra Levy. “As the last two weeks have progressed, the lines have become more manageable.”

Ottawa public health announced that while the 30,000 remaining doses are expected to last until tomorrow, another shipment of vaccines is also expected that day.

Although the city is awaiting word from the provincial and federal governments about a longer-term vaccine supply, Ottawa may soon “have the capacity to widen our vaccination priority groups.

“This is not possible though, until we get a consistent steady supply of vaccine, and until we get direction from the provincial government,” Levy said.

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