MONTGOMERY COUNTY. When the New York Majesty of the U.S. Lingerie Football League decided this year not to go for a second season, Connecticut native and Majesty player Tanyka Renee decided to move to Philadelphia to play for the Passion.

“I’m also a trainer, so I’ll do some training here,” Renee said yesterday at team tryouts in Hatfield.

For a league thought at first to be entertainment’s lowest denominator, the four-game season starting later this summer for the league’s 10 teams now has a bit of a following, Passion coach Chandler Brown said.

“When guys showed up for the first game, they of course were like, ‘Let’s look at the girls.’ Then five minutes later, they saw the hitting going on,” Brown said.


It’s the hitting that’s turned on fans. “Guys are attracted to our outfits, but once they see the football, well, it’s like a bloodbath out there,” second-year Passion player Dana Dizillo said.

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