If you’re like most Vancouverites and are watching your pennies, you might want to replenish your liquor supply today.

The price of hard alcohol in British Columbia is being raised tomorrow by $2 per 1.75-litre bottle while 750-ml bottles are going up by $1 — a price hike that’s expected to boost government revenue by about $7 million.

David Hannay, owner of Brix Restaurant in Yaletown, said the move will hit restaurant and bar owners hard.

“When you talk about a 26- or 40-ounce bottle it doesn’t seem dramatic, but when you talk about months’ or years’ (worth), it takes a bite on our already meagre margins,” he said.

Hannay said that Brix is going to keep drink prices flat and “take the hit.”

“It’s tough to keep the prices down, but in this climate you have to let people know they’re getting some value,” he said.

Rick Momsen, co-owner of Capone’s Restaurant and Jazz Club in Vancouver, said the government should be helping the service industry, not raising taxes.

“It’s killing people,” he said, adding that Capone’s is also keeping drink prices at status quo.

“If (the government) wanted to stimulate the economy, they’d be getting people out dining more.”

Calls to Rich Coleman, minister of Housing and Social Development, which oversees the Liquor Distribution Branch, were not returned by press time.

375 ml, 750 ml, and 1.75 L increases

375 ml - .50¢ increase
750 ml - $1.00 increase
1.75 L - $2.00 increase

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