A 911 call captured the harrowing aftermath of a rodent running rampant in a retirement home in Delton, Fla., WFTV reported.

“We have a squirrel that entered our building, and it’s jumping on people and biting them and scratching them. We need help,” the caller said.

A woman named Stacy can be heard in the background saying that she didn’t feel well.

While the dispatcher was obtaining information from the caller on the whereabouts of the squirrel, she told him that it “has been tossed outside. We need help with the people, not a squirrel.”


Phyllis Thrush told WFTV Friday that she had to get 11 stitches after the attack.

“A lady had a bad place on her forehead where he had jumped on her. Another lady had scratches on her hand, so we all got it at once,” she said. “It was a mess.”

Hear the raw audio of the call obtained by WFTV:

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