Bylaw boss would like to see current penalties doubled

The city’s bylaw boss is calling for stiffer fines for litterbugs who are tarring Calgary’s street reputation as the cleanest city in North America.

Bylaw boss Bill Bruce told Metro he would like aldermen to look at doubling the current littering fines, which range between $115 to $300.


"Calgary is supposed to be one of the cleanest cities in North America, at least that’s what people say, but it doesn’t look that way right now," Bruce said.

Bruce said the spring time has brought in numerous calls from the public asking about the visible garbage now that the snow has melted away.

"People are angry at the garbage on the side of the road. Cups, food wrappers, bags and other litter all over is just really careless and lazy," he said, adding the garbage reflects negatively upon the city.

Alderman Ric McIver of Ward 12 fully supports the proposition of making the fines higher for people who litter, especially out of vehicles.

"There is absolutely no reason for people to throw garbage out of cars so I would support anything to discourage that. I absolutely believe it is a good idea," McIver told Metro.

In BC, the fines for littering are as high as $2,000 where the rest of the country ranges between $500 and $1000.

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