In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes mused Andy Warhol a lifetime ago.

He probably didn’t expect his notion to be rolled out as a travel business concept four decades later, but that’s exactly what one London hotel has done.

K West in west London is a favoured hang-out of pop stars and music industry moguls but it is now offering a slice of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to ordinary mortals.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Package offers the use of Wendyhouse recording studio at the back of the hotel where guests can record a track of their choosing — before retiring to the comfort of the designer hotel for drinks and a night with the beautiful people.

But is it any good? Metro talked east London indie favourites The Rifles into road testing the hotel for the night.

The Rifles are renowned for their on-the-road endurance, having toured their albums extensively across the world from the UK, to Europe, the U.S. and Russia.

“Blimey it’s a cut above our usual dive!” said Luke as he posed for pics in one of the rooms.
Drummer Grant added: “On the road we don’t usually get to stay in places as good as this. But we had an aftershow party here ... and there’s definitely a vibe here.”

The hotel does have a very London feel — which suits the Rifles who are often compared two other legendary bands from the English capital The Clash and The Jam.