The utility bill might be a little high next month for Jerry Dolynchuk but he doesn’t seem to mind, as he gets ready to light up North Edmonton.

Every year the display at the home on the corner of 97 Street and 144 Avenue draws crowds and turns heads. This year it’s even bigger and better.

Jerry Dolynchuk was hard at work yesterday with friends finishing up the interior displays seen through the windows. Walking around inside the house, the attention to detail and the commitment to quality in the displays is evident.

“It’s huge this year, it’s probably has twice as much as last year. We do the inside rooms and you can walk around and see in,” said Dolynchuk.

Dolynchuk started decorating the house to give his mother some joy and it took off from there.

Now he decorates the house in memory of his mother who has passed away.

“Two of the reasons I do it, one: I seem to be very good at it, and second: it makes a lot of people happy,” said Dolynchuk.