In a job market with gaping holes to fill, thousands of locals are competing for one single position, halfway around the world.

Duties, for what’s dubbed “the best job in the world” include: living in a private oceanfront villa, feeding fish, cleaning a pool, collecting mail, and writing about life in paradise.

And to sweeten the deal, the slavedrivers at Tourism Queensland are offering a $100,000 salary for six months on the Great Barrier Reef.

Like 5,000 other hopefuls, Edmonton travel writer Carmella Lesiuk threw her hat in the ring this week, submitting a video application that could solidify her dream job.

“I’ve already got a huge repository of travel blogs that show I’m a dedicated writer,” she said.

“I’m such a huge travel advocate.”

The petite, cheerful nomad has documented experiences in 40 countries on her website

Tourism Queensland spokeswoman Shana Pereira said that 1.5 million visitors have peeked at the site in one week, and screeners are left with thousands of applications in their wake.

To apply, visit:

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