Don't be shocked if you see a couple Nova Scotia flags waving in the crowd during the inauguration Tuesday.

A troupe of seven dancers and drummers from the Maritime Centre for African Dance in Halifax were invited to perform at the African Inaugural Ball on Sunday night. Their big finish involved bringing out more than a few Nova Scotia flags, which they passed around to the dignitaries and guests.

Mufaro Chakabuda said it was an intense 17-minute performance and everybody was on their feet at the end.


“People were coming closer and closer to the stage so that was a good sign,” she said in a phone interview this afternoon. “The energy in the room was amazing.”

Three drummers and four dancers from the Maritime Centre were invited to perform after they sent in an application and video.

“Honestly, it was one of those things you don't believe until they tell you four or five times.”

Unfortunately, the president-elect himself didn't make it to the ball because of his packed schedule in the last few days before inauguration.

“It was a big disappointment he wasn't there,” she said, adding it was an honour to meet the ambassadors, governors and other dignitaries who were there.

“The energy and the reception was so welcoming,” Chakabuda said. “It was really good to put Nova Scotia on the map and show Canada isn't just about Toronto.”

Because of dance classes and other commitments, Chakabuda said she had to travel home on Monday and miss the big day, but some of the others will be able to stay.

“We can see people setting up and snipers setting up on the roof,” she said.

“It's so wonderful to be included in this.”

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