Edmonton’s Jeff Mortensen is planning to dance up the ladder to No. 1 on the show So You Think You Can Dance Canada. However, the 22-year-old knows he can dance and is in the top 22.

“(Watching) the first American season made me think it would be pretty wicked to do the show,” said Mortensen.

Starting gymnastics and getting into Ukrainian Dance at five years old, dancing has been with him throughout his life.

Mortensen said that he tries to put his heritage into his dancing on the show.

He has put 20 hours a week into training, and danced at Shumka’s Golden Gala. He feels the future is bright.

“Once the show is done, you never know what is going to come up,” Mortensen added. “The connections you make can take you in many directions.”

If he wins, he would donate to the Dizzy Feet Foundation, and invest the rest.

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