A Halifax designer brought her latest fashions home last week ahead of her Toronto debut later this month.

Katrina Tuttle was bubbling with excitement after the Thursday night show.

“We’re really happy with how the show went out,” the 20-year-old said. “I wanted pieces that kept that fun, trendy influence, but still had a really classic feel.”


The dresses got shorter and Tuttle increased her focus on details for the Page and Strange Gallery show.

“If I had a low back, I kept the front cut a little higher to keep a little wonder in pieces,” she said

Tuttle says Haligonians want high-end fashion, but it can take a year for styles to migrate east.

“You have to be more innovative and find a fusion between what’s going to be wearable and a way to make that high-end runway feel.”

Tuttle is making her Toronto debut on April 21 at the Alternative Fashion Week.

Nadine LaRoche, Fashion Magazine’s Halifax reporter, was impressed.

“It was lovely,” she said. “It was in its infancy when we saw it last time. Now it’s jumped over the awkward years and is sitting in a grown-up place.”

LaRoche said Tuttle’s work last season was full of incredible designs, but lacked a consistent vision.

“They were a whole bunch of really great pieces, but they didn’t exist as a collection. This one had a lot of running themes flowing through it in terms of the fabrics and little details like ruffles and pleats.”

LaRoche praised Tuttle for designing stylish pieces that look great and are literally prêt-a-porter — ready to wear.

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