An Edmonton man planning to sell his house for $11 to a lucky and worthy candidate has pulled the plug on the contest because of a lack of entries.

House flipper David Stockburger says he was hoping to get over 2,000 entries by the end of January for the contest, but with only about 650 entries from candidates wanting the home at 11720 95A St, he said he was forced to cancel it.

Each submission had to include an essay on why the candidate deserves the home, along with an $11 entry fee.


If Stockburger only gets a minimum number of entries by possibly Feb. 15, he says he will still be happy with pocketing $25,000 since he’s learned some “life lessons,” even with house valued at roughly $300,000.

Stockburger has been flipping the once-condemned house that he paid $120,000 for since 2006.

“It was the quantity, rather than the quality, of entries that made it clear to us that this just wasn’t going to fly,” said Stockburger on his blog.

Stockburger says he plans to return the entry money to candidates as soon as possible.

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