If it was me, I would be seriously stressed out.

Sweat would be running down my face.

A swig of something would be needed to take the edge off.

Not so for Joey Lawson.

The 27-year-old wasn’t showing any nerves about watching his pride and joy No. 27 Tirecraft Thunder Car being driven around a 0.3-mile oval track 15 times by a newspaper editor who had zero racing experience and only two days previously had gotten behind the wheel of a standard for the first time.

Yet, there was my new pal Joey, giving yours truly some much-needed last-minute tips (like how to switch gears) prior to me leading nine media “celebrities” onto the track for a 15-lap charity race as part of Scotia Speedworld’s popular Friday night racing series.

Now don’t get confused and think me landing the pole position had anything to do with talent — unless you call picking No. 1 from a jar of nine balls talent.

After getting into Joey’s four-cylinder Honda and buckled in with his help, I was ready to roll.

He told me to turn the car on and get going.

Done and done.

I also needed to find second gear without stalling behind the pace car.

And we’re good again. Guess who’s getting cocky?

It didn’t last long.

After leading the cars around a corner to a waving green flag, I held the No. 1 position for all of five seconds, when Matt Bubbers — a freelance automotive reporter for the Chronicle-Herald — whizzed past on the outside, never to be seen again.

For me though, I was happy. I had the car racing at a nice clip, and was fifth through 10 laps
That’s when trouble struck.

To try to make top three, I decided to go into third gear.

Instead of speeding up, I slowed down, lost all acceleration and was passed on both sides.

Somehow, I found my beloved second gear again and made up a spot to finish sixth.

More importantly, not a scratch to Joey’s car.

He had to be happy — maybe even proud?

OK, he only told me I did “great.”

You know, I did do pretty well. I was still standing and had an absolute blast.

I can’t wait to do it again — someday.

Final results
How the media finished in Friday night’s race. The winner received $1,000 towards his favourite charity.

1. Matt Bubbers, Chronicle-Herald

2. Ted Hyland, 96.5 Kool FM

3. Ray Bradshaw, Global TV

4. Pat Healey, Weekly Press

5. Geoff Walsh, 89.9 Hal FM

6. Philip Croucher, Metro Halifax

7. Denyse Sibley, Country 101.9

8. Cyril Lunney, CTV Atlantic

9. Bobby MacDonald, Q104