Boston firefighter
Boston firefighter on the scene of an incident. Photo: Wikimedia

A Boston firefighter is under investigation and has been put on leave following accusations of sexual assault on a woman back in January.

The incident reportedly occurred at the Jamaica Plain firehouse located at Center Street on January 14 when firefighter David Sanchez allegedly exposed himself to an unidentified woman. The 37-year old attempted to force himself on the woman who told him no.

According to the police report, the "victim stated that during the course of the above events she did say, 'No,' and, 'This is not happening,' to the suspect.”

The woman did manage to escape and inform the authorities. It has yet to be confirmed why the woman was at the Jamaica Plain fire station with some news outlets reporting she was a co-worker of Sanchez's. Her identity is currently being held from the public while officials complete their investigation into the sexual assault.


The Hyde Park firefighter did not face a judge until recently with officials yet to address why Sanchez was not reprimanded sooner on such a serious matter. Last week he was arraigned in a West Roxbury court on April 18 on charges of assault and battery and indecent assault and battery.

Sanchez is currently free on his own personal recognizance and has been ordered to stay away from the female victim. Sanchez is due back in court on June 13.

Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn has since issued a written statement on behalf of the Jamaica Plain firehouse and the allegations against David Sanchez.

“The Boston Fire Department takes these allegations very seriously and they warrant our full attention.  As a result, Firefighter Sanchez has been placed on administrative leave while this situation is adjudicated through the court system. We will continue to monitor this situation and take swift and appropriate action if and when it is necessary,” Joseph Finn stated.

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