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Boston Yeti, BostonTweet talk favorite horror films and Halloween traditions

Halloween is a holiday that conjures up plenty of memories and traditions. Metro talked with two Boston figures about some of theirs.
What's your favorite Halloween memory? Photo: Warner Bros Pictures

Halloween has its share of fanatics. For some, it's the best holiday of the year, made all the better by their favorite scary movie, spooky (or sweet) traditions and the memories of their impressive costume creativity.

Metro asked two notable Boston figures — Tom O’Keefe of @BostonTweet and the incomparable Boston Yeti — about all their favorite Halloween things. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your next horror movie night or costume idea.

Boston Yeti: 

What’s your favorite scary movie?
My favorite is probably the 1957 British fantasy/horror film, "The Abominable Snowman," starring Peter Cushing. I snuck into a drive-in screening of it one time!

What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?
My favorite Halloween tradition is buying a family size bag of Nestle Sno-Caps candy and walking amongst the Boston trick-or-treaters. Sometimes I dress up: last year I went as Little Bo Peep. Because of my furry and fantastic appearance, it's really the only time during the year when I truly blend in.

What’s your favorite Halloween memory?
This is an easy one! Meeting Chewbacca is my favorite Halloween memory. I love "Star Wars" and it's not often I'm in the presence of someone taller and hairier than me.

What’s the best costume you’ve worn as a kid, and as an adult?
For the kiddos, I loved those classic Collegeville costumes that were popular in the 1970s. For adults, I'm partial to fruit costumes, you know, people dressing as apples, pears, and bananas. I think we need more kiwi costumes, though — not enough Halloween kiwis out there.

Tom O’Keefe: 

What’s your favorite scary movie?
My favorite scary movie is "Halloween"— I actually watched it last night as part of my favorite Halloween indoor tradition to watch the AMC Halloween Marathon at least once. I love the cinematography of the film and how the thought of Michael Myers lurking in the backyard is absolutely terrifying. It's not gore, but rather fear, and that's terrifying.

What’s your favorite Halloween memory?
My favorite Halloween memory is trick or treating around my neighborhood with my mom. I was often Dracula. My dad didn't go with us because he stayed home to pass out candy. However, every year there was a scary man with a mask just standing under a tree with a flashlight under his chin. It would scare the bejesus out of all the kids. Found out years later that it was my dad.

What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?
My favorite Halloween night tradition these days is to go to Brook Street in Brookline. The street is jam-packed with kids and most of the houses go all out for Halloween with decorations and haunted houses. The police block off the road and it's a great time. Highly recommend.

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