Logan airport.Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

Dropping off or picking up a friend at Logan International Airport may soon cost you more than just your time.

The Massachusetts Port Authority will study a proposal by the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) on charging a fee for drivers who pick up or drop off passengers at Logan.

The foundation is a nonprofit that focuses on finding solutions to New England’s “biggest environmental challenges,” according to its website.

One of those challenges is the congestion and pollution created by cars idling at airport terminals, according to CLF Vice President Rafael Mares.


"Traffic in and out of Logan Airport continues to worsen, and we cannot ignore any solution that has the potential to save passengers time while also curbing carbon emissions associated with frequent drop-offs and pick-ups,” he said in a statement.

“Pass through rates have been effected elsewhere,” he added, “and it is prudent to at least explore the potential impacts of a similar program here in Boston.”

More than 20,000 cars enter Logan to drop off or pick up passengers, according to the Boston Globe. If that favor comes with a fee, the foundation hopes, that number could be reduced.

In May, Massport, which operates the airport, agreed to invest in electric vehicle charging stations throughout its parking lots and to electrify its gas-powered equipment, as part of a deal with CLF.

CLF also asked that Massport examine other measures to reduce auto emissions at Logan, according to the Globe. In exchange, the foundation agreed not to oppose Massport’s parking plan that seeks to create 5,000 new parking spaces at the airport. 

Opening up more parking spaces may actually help the environmental impact of the airport, according to CLF. Less parking options means passengers are dropped off and picked up, which means two round trip drives to the airport. If passengers can park their car, they only drive to and from the airport once.