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Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. Photo:Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

Maura Healey is a badass, at least according to InStyle.

The Massachusetts Attorney General was named by InStyle Magazine on a list of 50 “badass women” who “show up, speak up and get things done.”

Maura Healey appears on the list alongside Emma Gonzalez, the Stoneman Douglas High School student who stepped up as an activist after the Parkland shooting; the women of Time’s Up; Patty Jenkins, who directed Wonder Woman; Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Cardi B and more.

InStyle chose Healey in part because of her repeated efforts to legally challenge the Trump Administration more than two dozen times, suing the president’s administration in order to try to stop the travel ban, defend DACA, push for regulations that would lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and more.


“Since Donald Trump took office, I’ve had to sue him multiple times,” Healey says in a video for Instyle. “It’s been really important to sue Donald Trump and his administration when they have done things that have hurt people here in this state and across the country.”

“As Attorney General, if I won’t stand up for the Constitution and against the abuse of power, then who will?” she continues.  “No one’s above the law in this country, not even the president.”

Maura Healey before being Massachusetts Attorney General

Maura is the country’s first openly gay state attorney. She took office as Massachusetts Attorney General in 2015 after being considered an “underdog” as a first-time candidate while running for the position.

Before entering law, Healey played professional basketball in Austria for two years. She had played basketball through her time at Harvard, as well.

“Basketball is really important to me,” Healey says. “Basketball taught me how to be tough and taught me how to compete. Working together as a team, realizing that everybody has got something to contribute, something to give and there’s a time for everybody to step up and step in. I think that as I’ve set up the Attorney General’s office that I run, I think about it like a team and I think about having a mission, having  a goal and working together to make things happen.”

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