Night Shift Brewery in Everett
Night Shift Brewery's location in Everett Photo:Facebook

Night Shift Brewing will open a pub across the street from TD Garden this year. This will be the second location for the national award winning Everett based brewery. Following months of rumors, Night Shift confirmed the news that they plan to open a new location on Lovejoy Wharf via their Twitter page. According to co-founder Michael Oxton the company has been looking for a new location within the Boston area for the last two years.

“Our interest in being in Boston is really we want to have better access and closer access to the people who live and work in Boston,” Oxton shared.

“We’re basically trying to create another connection point for our customers like we do in Everett. We’ve been really thinking about what we wanted and we finally found a place that checked all the boxes.”

The craft beer makers’ new home will be below Converse headquarters in a 12,000 square foot space where they will reportedly house a 10-barrel brewery, taproom and an in-house kitchen.


According to Oxford, he and his two partners, Mike O’Mara and Rob Burns, plan to offer “unique beers at both locations.” Night Shift’s primary brewery is located at 87 Santilli Hwy in Everett, Massachusetts.

This latest adventure for the trio of Night Shift Brewing, who has been consistently growing their business for the last six years, comes off the heels of their recent 2016 launch, a distribution company.

“We try not to get too caught up in feeling too good about ourselves or reveling in our glory — I think that’s just silly,” Oxton shared. “We sort of have a collective mindset here that our next best project is ahead of us.”

Night Shift Brewing was founded in 2012 and has since risen in popularity for their ward winning Santilli beer and Matisse.

Night Shift Brewing looks to be aiming for a grand opening near TD Garden and the North End sometime at the end of the year.

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