Thousands converged in Cambridge Commons Park Saturday as part of an international Tax March movement calling for the release of President Trump’s tax returns.

Prior to the rally, more than 5,000 people had RSVPed on the event’s Facebook page, with more than 17,000 interested in attending.

“If ever patriots were needed to address threats to the country, the time is now,” organizers wrote on their website. “Trump’s lies, corruption and his new budget proposal pose a clear and present danger to the nation. We demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns!”

Yes, the Boston-Cambridge Tax March is held on April 15, the day that is traditionally Tax Day, but since it falls on a Saturday this year, taxpayers have until Tuesday, April 18 to file.


It’s not Monday because this year, April 17 is a federal holiday in the District of Columbia to observe Emancipation Day, which actually falls on Sunday.

Whew. At least you have a few extra days to get your finances together if you haven’t filed already.

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