Local author Ryan La Sala snapped an image of the chaos from his office atop the Somerville Theater. 

Courtesy Ryan La Sala, local author.

Boston area police are responding to reports of an active shooter in the College Avenue area of Somerville, and are urging residents in the area to stay indoors and use caution. 

The suspect is believed to have robbed a bank in the area, and as of 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, was armed and at large. The suspect is alleged to have shot at Somerville Police, officers said. Massachusetts State Police and Cambridge Police warned the public about the situation on Twitter.

"Numerous MSP units enroute to #Somerville for report of active shooter in area of College Avenue. Suspect is alleged to have robbed a bank and is believed armed. More to follow when available," Staties tweeted at 10:16 a.m. Minutes later, officers said the suspect shot at cops.


"Somerville suspect is alleged to have shot at Somerville Police. Residents in area are urged to use caution, stay indoors if possible, and report any suspicious persons or activity," @MassStatePolice tweeted.




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