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Revolutionary Clinics has launched their Mile 62 Café line of cannabis-infused beverage pods. 

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In the budding marijuana industry, people are finding more ways to consume cannabis, from the traditional toke to a THC-infused frozen pizza. Now, Revolutionary Clinics, a dispensary in Cambridge and Somerville, has another option: cannabis coffee, apple cider and more brew-at-home beverages.

Revolutionary Clinics has launched a line called Mile 62 Café of hot and cold cannabis-infused beverage pods that can be brewed in any such at-home machine, and they say they're the first to offer such products in Massachusetts.

The latest release is the cannabis coffee pod, which contains 8.5 milligrams of THC and features locally roasted Karma Coffee from Sudbury, Massachusetts. Revolutionary Clinics also has cannabis-infused apple cider and plans to launch lemonade, tea and hot chocolate.

Each beverage pod will have a specific amount of THC, CBD or CBN, another cannabinoid that reportedly has sedative properties. That one will definitely be in the to-come sleepy-time herbal tea, said Tom Schneider, Revolutionary Clinics chief marketing officer.


“Cannabis calms you down and it makes you feel good or euphoric, if you will, but it will help you sleep,” he said. “So a cup of tea before bed is kind of a nice way to go.”

Why cannabis coffee at Revolutionary Clinics?

CBD coffee has exploding on the market, Schneider notes, and has been reported to alleviate anxiety and pain and work as an anti inflammatory. But as a medical marijuana dispensary, Revolutionary Clinics is ramping things up with their cannabis coffee so it can provide more benefits.

The beverage pods that will contain CBD will also have THC, likely in a ratio of four parts CBD to one part THC, Schneider said, though this isn’t finalized. That same ratio appears in other Revolutionary Clinics products.

“It has been reported that the CBD [brings] down the psychoactive effects of THC,” Schneider said. “Apparently it’s also reported THC helps deliver the CBD into your system faster. ...With a little part of THC, you’re not going to be walking around like you’re stoned, but you will feel better.”

revolutionary clinics | cannabis coffee

The apple cider beverage pods have been available for a few weeks and Schneider said they’ve received great feedback from customers. Lots of people like to consume cannabis in ways that don’t get smoke in their lungs, and with these cannabis beverages, you can often feel the effects more quickly than with other edibles.

Though only currently available to medical marijuana patients, a recreational version is on the horizon, though it will only contain 5 milligrams of THC, per state regulations.

Still, Revolutionary Clinics hopes the Mile 62 Café line is something any cannabis consumer can enjoy, and that aim is clear in the meaning behind its name.

“Sixty two miles from the surface of the Earth is where the atmosphere [thins], the gravitational pull doesn’t affect you and you’re really in outer space,” Schneider said. “So it was kind of a play on letting the gravitational pull of everyday life fall away. It’s really about having a medicated product that makes you feel better, feel good and get into that moment of relaxation.” 

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