If you’ve been outside in Boston, you know it’s a scorcher, and humans aren’t the only one seeking relief from the heat.

The city on Thursday reached a record-breaking temperature for May 18 when Logan Airport hit 92 degrees around 1 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. Previously, the record was 91 degrees, set on May 18, 1936.

One group really feeling the heat are the fur seals over at the New England Aquarium.

Northern fur seals have the second thickest fur counts in the animal kingdom, according to the aquarium.


We know how important thick coats are in the Boston winter, and the seals’ coats  are waterproof, windproof and keep them warm in cold waters, but as temps continued to climb today, the seals needed some relief.

To help them cool down, aquarium trainers filled up a small pool with ice and gave frozen treats like "fish-icles" to Ursula, Luna, Kitovi and Chi. The latter three are all youngsters, the aquarium said, and are "cute, curious and a tad mischievous." 

See the seals do their version of “bobbing for apples” in which they dunk their heads in ice for fish and squid in the aquarium’s video below.


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