As part of the ongoing redevelopment at LaGuardia Airport, six airlines are swapping terminals.
A rendering of what the 78-year-old LaGuardia Airport will look like when its ongoing redevelopment project ends. (LaGuardia Airport)

Traveling to and from LaGuardia Airport is going to get a little more confusing this weekend as six airlines will relocate terminals, airport officials announced Thursday.

The carriers are moving terminals on Saturday as part of the ongoing modernization and redevelopment of the 78-year-old airport.

“LaGuardia Airport is undergoing a comprehensive redevelopment program to reimagine the airport experience and meet the needs of 21st century travel,” LGA’s webite said. “New terminals will replace terminals B, C and D, and associating work will unify the airport and provide a better travel experience.”

The airport’s revamping, which has snarled traffic in and around the vicinity of the facility, will add new terminals, better transit access with the addition of an AirTrain, more taxi lanes, improved roads, a new parking infrastructure, the ability to accommodate larger aircrafts and more.


Relocating the terminals will help “improve the travel experience” while also accommodating the airport’s redevelopment, officials said.

These are the terminal changes going into effect starting Saturday:

• American Airlines will change from Terminals B and C to just B. 

• American Shuttle will move from Terminal C to B.

• Delta Shuttle will move from Terminals A and C to just C.

• JetBlue will move from Terminal B to A.

• Alaska Airlines will move from Terminal B to Terminal A.

• Frontier Airlines will move from Terminal B to Terminal C for departures and Terminal D for arrivals.

• Spirit Airlines will move from Terminal B to Terminal C for departures and Terminal D for arrivals.

With construction making it tricky to navigate around the airport, LGA urges travelers to arrive at least two hours prior to their flights and allow extra time to get to the airport, especially as these terminal swaps go into effect.

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