“Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher has resurfaced, 25 years to the day after she became a media sensation for the gunshot heard ’round the world in which she severely injured the wife of her 18-years-older lover, Joey Buttafuoco, the New York Post reported.

On May 19, 1992, the then-17-year-old Fisher knocked on the door of Buttafuoco’s Massapequa home on Long Island and told his wife, Mary Jo, that her husband and the father of her two children was having an affair. When Mary Jo turned away, Fisher shot her in the head.

Mary Jo survived and has been living with the bullet slug inside her neck ever since, as it was unable to be removed because it was too close to her spine.

Fisher, now 42, was charged with attempted murder and pleaded guilty to first-degree assault. She was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison, serving seven years before she was granted parole in 1999.


Joey Buttafuoco, an auto-body shop owner whom Fisher met when she went to him to fix her car, served four months in jail after pleading guilty to one count of statutory rape for his affair with Fisher. He and Mary Jo stayed together after the shooting and later moved to California before eventually divorcing in 2003.

After being released from prison in 1999, Fisher became a journalist, wrote a book, moved to Florida, married and later divorced a former NYPD officer with whom she had three children, dabbled in porn, appeared on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” in 2011 and has lived in relative obscurity in recent years. Until now, that is.

Fisher is back on Long Island living with her children, who are 8, 12 and 16, and looking for “a fresh start” — just about an hour away from Buttafuoco’s former home, the Post reported.

“My kids were ostracized in Florida,” she told the Post. “They had no friends. All the mothers thought their kids would get the Amy Fisher gene if they hung out with them.”

Fisher said she decided to leave Florida after a stalker harassed her after hopping a fence in her gated community.

“I was really scared. I want me and my children to be safe. I don’t want any lunatics coming after me,” she said.

While she may be looking for a “fresh start,” one might wonder why she chose to seek it not too far from the scene of the crime that made her a household name — and the subject of three TV movies in which she was portrayed by Drew Barrymore, Alyssa Milano and Noelle Parker.

When asked by the Post what drew her back to Long Island, Fisher cited family.

“My aunt was telling me to come back. I was isolated in Florida, away from the people we love. Here, I have a big Italian family, and they all accept me,” she explained.

With Friday being the 25th anniversary of the shooting, there will, no doubt, be lots of media coverage, but don’t expect to see Fisher, who said she rejected several offers to discuss the scandal.

“It’s just not worth it,” she told the Post. “I want a private life. My life has already been ruined.”

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