Are home values near city cemeteries scary?

New data indicates those finally quiet neighbors of yours could actually be a benefit when it comes to selling your home.

Living near a cemetery certainly, has its benefits and drawbacks. For one, you finally have those quiet neighbors you’ve been longing for. But there’s also the chance said neighbors can rise from the dead and, well, you know.


Of course, being that Tuesday is Halloween and all, we’re just joshing you on the latter part, but when it comes to living near a cemetery, are there real, live disadvantages when it’s time to sell?


Not really, according to online real estate investment marketplace Sharestates.


The Great Neck-based firm just released data points that looked at return on investment, after-repair value, demand and median sales prices near some of the city’s largest cemeteries and determined that New Yorkers are not all that frightened to buy and live near the dearly departed. In fact, in some neighborhoods with cemeteries in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx, they might even be — ahem — dying to purchase a home nearby.


For example, the demand for homes near The Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn has jumped 200 percent in Brownsville, 500 percent in Crown Heights and a whopping 800 percent in Bushwick and Ridgewood between 2016 and 2017. Brownsville has also seen a more than 95 percent increase in ROI, while Crown Heights saw more than 90 percent. Bushwick and Ridgewood had nearly 62 percent.

Though demand has dropped near Green-Wood Cemetery in Park Slope year-over-year, it has increased 300 percent in Red Hook. ROI in those two neighborhoods are nearly 62 percent and 45 percent, respectively.

Brooklyn’s lowest ROI can be found near Holy Cross Cemetery in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Prospect Park South and Flatbush Ditmas Park (19 percent and 15 percent), but demand is up 200 and 300 percent, respectively in those nabes.

Richmond Hills, Queens, saw demand rise 200 percent this year near Maple Grove Cemetery and Cypress Hills Cemetery, with a ROI of 64 percent.

In the Bronx, Throngs Neck saw a nearly 28 percent ROI near St. Raymond New Cemetery and a 100 percent rise in demand.

Though Todd Hill, Staten Island, had that same rise in demand near Moravian Cemetery, the area has a 6.5 percent ROI.