The corner of Atlantic and Buffalo avenues, near where the crash took place. (Google Maps)

Google Maps

A motorcyclist was killed in Brooklyn yesterday after being thrown from his bike into the path of traffic, where he was killed when another motorcycle, driven by his friend, ran him over.

Nathan Johnson, 35, was riding his motorcycle on Atlantic Avenue behind his companion when Johnson suddenly sped up to pass him, colliding with a support column connected to train tracks overhead, the New York Daily News reported. The force of the crash sent him flying into to road, where he was then struck by his friend’s motorcycle.

Johnson was brought to Interfaith Medical Center but was not able to be saved, the Daily News added. His friend was not identified.

Johnson was not the only death on motorcycle this weekend. Two other motorcyclists were killed in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and others were left injured.


The same day of Johnson’s accident, another motorcyclist died after being ejected from his vehicle when he hit another car near Borough Park after 3 p.m, Pix11 reported. The motorcyclist, 23-year-old Slavik Avagyan, was later pronounced dead at Maimonides Medical Center.

The night before, Danny Cornejo, 31, slid under another vehicle after falling from his motorcycle on the Bronx’s Pelham Parkway, Pix11 added. Despite paramedics’ efforts to save him, Cornejo died at Jacobi Medical Center.

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