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Brooklyn stabbing suspect captured while trying to flee country

Police intercepted the suspect in a deadly fight over a Brooklyn parking space before he jetted off to Haiti.
(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)
(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

The suspect in a parking space brawl that turned deadly was found trying to escape the country yesterday as authorities rushed to stop him.

Jean-Paul Djems, 41, attempted to make a run for it with a Jet Blue ticket to Port au Prince, Haiti but was unsuccessful when detectives put out an alert and discovered his plans to leave, ABC7 reported. Djems was intercepted at the airport and was arrested for his alleged involvement in the Sunday night stabbing.

The fatal fight over a parking spot occurred around 11:30 p.m. Sunday on East 73rd Street, when homeowner Omri Dahan, 23, noticed his driveway was being blocked by a parked car, so he started to beep his horn. A neighbor, allegedly identified as Djems, then came outside and the two began fighting, police said.

“He saw the guy came out of his house to move the car,” Ricky Zawacki, a witness that night, told CBS2. “He get out of the car, he gets in the guy’s face and starts screaming and everything.”

As the fight escalated, Dhan’s brother, 28, came to his aid, and both were stabbed. Dahan later died of his injuries. His funeral was held yesterday.

Djems has been charged criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree assault and manslaughter, according to ABC7.