chinatown fish market
A Facebook user shared a video of the incident at a Chinatown market. Photo: Facebook video screenshot

Something smells fishy in Chinatown.


A Chinatown fish market has been hit with health violations after a worker was filmed standing on top of a fish display. The video, which was shot by a horrified customer and shared on social media, shows a man stomping all over a table of "fresh" fish as he repairs an electrical box.


“Seriously, seriously, you’re gonna stand there on the food with your boots," the woman is heard saying in the video, which was posted on Jan. 4 and has since collected about 180,000 views.


Watch the video below:



As a result of the video, The Hung Kee Fish & Meat Food Market on Monday received a “C” grade for "critical deficiencies." The store told media that the sullied fish was thrown away after the incident.

"Upon receiving a video exposing an apparent food safety violation at Hung Kee Food Market in Chinatown, the Department sent a food safety inspector to examine the facility,” a spokesperson told Pix 11. “A full sanitary inspection was conducted on Monday, January 8, 2018, resulting in critical deficiencies."