Crazed critter attacks park goers

A series of attacks has Health Department officials warning visitors about a possibly rabid squirrel in Prospect Park.
Park squirrel

(Photo by Matt Tillett via Flickr)

An attacker is on the loose in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Having already assaulted five victims, it’s clear the furry four-legged rodent is a force to be reckoned with.


The Health Department is warning parkgoers to look out for a highly aggressive and potentially rabid squirrel after several injuries were reported last week.


While it is rare that squirrels would contract rabies, it is assumed that is the cause for the crazed behavior of the tiny culprit that bit several people from July 18 to July 20.


All but one of the victims have been identified by authorities and the fifth individual, who was reportedly attacked while jogging, is still being asked to come forward.


While Brooklynites appear unafraid of the savage squirrel, if it actually had rabies, it is probably dead by now according to health officials, the New York Daily News reported.

However, signs cautioning park visitors have been posted just in case, and locals are on their guard.

“I wouldn’t feed it any nuts,” vowed one man speaking to CBS2.

Anyone bitten is urged to seek medical attention immediately.

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