Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon talks to her supports about protection for NY tenants. Photo: Facebook

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon who is currently challenging incumbent Andrew Cuomo for New York's governor seat has released her 2017 tax returns. Announcing she would be running in March in the upcoming Democratic primary, Nixon released a copy of her earnings to reporters on Friday.

As noted in Nixon’s 2017 tax return, the actress and education activist filed jointly with her wife, Christine Marinoni, who was previously a senior advisor for community partnerships in New York City. A position she resigned from earlier this year.

Together the couple documented $619,799 in adjusted income, $196,375 in taxes paid and $53,000 in donated to various charities.

Following the release of Nixon’s return, Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the 52-year old for taking so long to disclose her financial earnings as well as only releasing one year of tax returns.


“George Pataki, a Republican, released 14 years of taxes. Eliot Spitzer released 10 years of taxes. I released more than 10 years of taxes,” Cuomo stated.

"Candidates need to begin by being transparent. The releasing of tax information is vital because then you understand how the person lives, how the person finances their lifestyle."

Just hours after Cynthia Nixon released her 2017 tax return, the Democratic State Committee released a statement, requiring all candidates to disclose ten years worth of tax returns. The resolution read, "Therefore, we as a State Committee hold that anyone vying for the Democratic line on the ballot in a race for statewide office will be required to release ten years of tax returns.

"Look, I get that people don't want to do it," Cuomo said. "It tells people your whole life story, in a lot of ways."

In return, Nixon’s Campaign Senior Strategist Rebecca Katz commented on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s hypocritical ways after he demanded Nixon be more forthcoming and transparent.

“New Yorkers have watched Andrew Cuomo cater to billionaires and corporations in return for huge donations, and then embarrass the nation by having his top aides go on multiple trials for political corruption,” Katz shot back.

Since announcing her run for govenor, Nixon has focused her campaign heavily on repairing the subway and other transit lines so that New Yorkers can arrive to their location on time and without bearing the burden of price hikes to pay for repairs. Nixon has also promised supporters she will put in place a tenant protection program, protecting residents from unfair eviction and supply affordable housing.

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