View of Rikers Island, NYC's main jail complex.


More than a quarter of a million dollars will be given to the family of an inmate who committed suicide at Rikers, the New York Daily News reported today.

At age 24, Aris Hiraldo hanged himself using his sweatpants’ drawstring only days after he was taken off suicide watch.

The death, which occurred in February 2011, resulted in a lawsuit by Hiraldo’s family against the Correction Department and New York City for negligence in the decision to place the young man back into a regular cell. Now, the city owes his family $380,000.

The Daily News said jail records indicated Hiraldo was still not stable at the time and was dealing with mental health complications.


During his incarceration, Hiraldo reportedly had regular phone conversations with his girlfriend, but on the day of his suicide, the two had gotten into an argument after she decided to cancel her visit. It was later that morning that Hiraldo hangedhimself.

Rikers has long held a controversial place in New York’s history, and Mayor de Blasio announced plans for its closure last March.

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