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Videos that made their way to instagram caught the saga of a man moving a couch on the NYC subway. Photo: Instagram

New Yorkers are pretty innovative when it comes to what they can carry on the NYC subway, from fitting their big dogs into small bags because of the MTA’s rule about pets to somehow getting a motorcycle on the train because maybe the subway was a better transit option?

In the latest crazy NYC subway feat is a man who decided he didn’t need a truck to move his leather couch.

Yup, someone seriously moved furniture on the train. The saga of the brown leather loveseat’s trip on the NYC subway unfolded via various Instagram videos this week.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” one woman can be heard saying in a video as she watches two men try to carry the loveseat down the subway steps at New Lots Avenue station.


“I wanna see how they get that through the turnstile too,” another woman says.

Though there’s no footage of the subway couch going through the turnstile, it seems to have made it somehow because another video shows it being pulled onto a 4 train as the doors close. 

In yet another shot, one of the men involved in trying to maneuver the train down the stairs is seen sitting in the best NYC subway seat in history: on the brown loveseat inside the train.

Instagram user @richiebling2001 — who said he has lived in New York City for 39 years, his whole life — compiled these various videos together to show the full subway saga.

“I think the video started off as a hilarious unresolved piece that leaves you hanging,” he told Metro of what interested him initially about the situation. “Like, who brings a couch onto the subway?!”

He didn’t encounter the subway couch carrier in person, however, but told Metro that he screengrabbed the videos he saw online and stitched them all together. None were watermarked, he said, so he couldn’t point to the original video takers, but he wanted to share anyway because he felt the subway story was so uniquely New York.

“It wasn’t until I put the other videos in sequence that the hustle and determination, which is synonymous with NYC, is captured,” he said. “This is truly an ‘only in NY moment.”

Just another day on the NYC subway

NYC subway scenes.

Instagram account Subway Creatures shared the videos as well, garnering even more attention and admiration for the man who managed to move a couch via the NYC subway.

Earlier in July, another video of subway antics that spread like wildfire on the internet had to do with a man who somehow got his motorcycle onto the train, blocking an entire door with his mode of transportation inside another mode of transportation.

Most New Yorkers responded to that video calling out the man for being a little bit rude — a woman in the video makes a “what the hell” gesture at this guy for blocking the doors — but to the subway couch carrier, most seem to just marvel at his strength and willpower rather than feel annoyed.

“Wow, what a determined dude!” reads one comment on the Subway Creatures Instagram post.

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