WATCH: Drunken man dodges B train in Chinatown, terrifies witnesses

The man was seen collecting litter on the tracks as the train barreled toward him, then he later lit up a cigarette to celebrate his survival.
Published : February 26, 2018 Updated : February 26, 2018
drunk man b train
The man was seen "dancing a jig" after surviving the incident. Photo: IG/shonnotsean screenshot

A fearless New York City smoker ducked under an oncoming B train as it arrived in a Chinatown subway station Monday morning before emerging unscathed enough to light up a cigarette.


Bystander Shon Mogharabi caught the horrifying moment on video and shared it on social media, saying, "Been living in NYC way too long. Saw a guy on the tracks this AM, with the B train speeding ahead. I tried to pull him out and he ducked under the tracks just before it hit him. He’s all good though, he just enjoyed a morning cig under the train after."


The incident happened at Grand Street Station. The New York Daily News reported that the man, who was not identified, appeared drunk and was seen "dancing a jig" for firefighters and witnesses. The man was taken to Bellevue Hospital for observation, according to the report.


Mogharabi told the New York Post that immediately before the train came upon him, he ducked under the platform. "Everyone turned away, thinking he was dead. It was terrible," Mogharabi, 31, told the paper. "Then he waved his hand from between the train and the platform and we were all shocked."


Watch the close call in the video below:

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