The dismantling of the 1939 span of the Kosciuszko Bridge is underway.
The dismantling of the 1939 span of the Kosciuszko Bridge is underway. (Bess Adler)

After weeks of New Yorkers, wolves, warriors and everyone in between awaiting for the moment to say their final goodbyes to the original Kosciuszko Bridge, the dismantling of the 78-year-old structure has officially, and quietly, begun.

According to the Newtown Creek Alliance, the lowering of the span that closed when the new Kosciuszko Bridge opened to traffic in April is currently taking place. The process, including securing the bridge remnants to the vessel, is expected to take about 12 hours, the organization said. 

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The structure will be lowered onto a barge Wednesday, probably between 10 a.m. and noon, the NCA said. After that, it will be taken to a metal recycling facility in New Jersey.


For safe viewing of the dismantling, the NCA created a map of easily accessible locations, such as the Newtown Creek Nature Walk.

The alliance did also warn that anyone hoping to see the big event from a boat must stay at least 500 feet from the construction vessels both today and tomorrow.

The remaining approach structures of the original Kosciuszko Bridge are set to be imploded about six weeks of the dismantling, with no official date set, though the NCA anticipates that would take place on a Sunday morning.

Once the 1939 Kosciusko Bridge is no more, construction will begin on Phase II of Brooklyn-bound side of new span. The current Queens-bound span will include three lanes in both directions until the second phase’s anticipated completion in 2020. 

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