NYC Council member Corey Johnson is escorted away from a healthcare protest in DC. (Provided)

A New York City Council Member was detained at Capitol Hill yesterday after protesting the repeal of Obamacare, which Republican Senators have been threatening to abolish without a replacement bill.

Corey Johnson of District 3 was taking part in a protest inside the Capitol at Senator Mitch McConnell’s office when he was arrested and removed by authorities while onlookers shot live footage of the action for social media.

The Council Member tweeted a video of himself being escorted out by police while shouting that he was there to defend those in need of healthcare, saying, “This is gonna hurt so many Americans!”

Being HIV-positive, Johnson’s life depends on his coverage to which he says he’s fortunate to have access. In a statement released yesterday evening, Johnson remarked, “As an elected official, I am lucky to have good health care. But there are countless others who could literally die if the Republicans get their way.”


Johnson also called attempts to end the ACA “pure evil.” “We must not allow it,” he stated.

The GOP healthcare bill's future remains uncertain after the latest version failed to pass the Senate. 

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