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This is how much extra time you spend waiting for the NYC subway by line

NYC Subway Delays
Photo: Roman Kruglov on Flickr

The Independent Budget Office released yet another incriminating report this week about New York City’s subway system. Not only are the subway’s growing delays costing the city up to $389 million each year, the IBO also found that delays end up setting back New Yorkers nearly $1.23 million every day in lost work time, totaling about $307 million every year. And now, the budget office on Wednesday released a report that breaks down the length of time passengers wait on a station platform for every subway line, except shuttles. According to the report, the average number of passenger hours lost to delays systemwide during the work week between 7 am and 10 am this year grew by 45 percent from 2012. Plus, the J/Z-, C- and 7-trains experienced the greatest increase in delays from 2012.

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