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Police thought man had passed out until finding fatal stab wounds

A man was discovered stabbed to death in Midtown last night after a passerby noticed his body and called police.
(Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr)
(Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr)

Police thought they were simply treating a drunken man who’d fallen unconscious, until they made a harrowing discovery. The man had been fatally stabbed.

The incident took place Tuesday night, right before midnight, around East 44th Street and Third Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Someone spotted the 55-year-old victim who was wounded several times in his torso, and the onlooker called police for help. However, the man could not be saved and was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital, CBSNewYork reported.

Abinash Shrestra, a local restaurant employee, told CBS the finding was shocking, stating, “Never happened before in this place, this area. It was surprising and scary, too.”

The identity of the stabbed man hasn’t been released by police, but he had racked up a list of more than a dozen arrests and was no stranger to law enforcement, according to CBS2.

The investigation continued into early Wednesday morning as police were still searching for answers.