Register to Vote in NYC stickers
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Now is the time to register to vote in NYC if you haven’t done so already.


There’s an election coming up, people! Yes, really, and judging by the sub-par turnout for the primary in September, it seems like most people forgot. (Although how you could with people shoving fliers at you and trying to shake your hand on busy street corners in an attempt to secure two seconds of your attention and your vote?)


Just 14% of registered democrats in The Big Apple are estimated to have turned up for the democratic mayoral primary. Unofficial data from the New York City Board of Elections clocks the ballots cast in this vote at a paltry 440,000, Time Out reports.


So for the sake of getting voter turnout in New York up all around, we’ve compiled everything you need to know to register to vote in NYC, from how you can fill out the forms to what you need to do if some of your information has changed. See you at the polls!


Wait, when is the election?

It’s possibly important to know when and on what you’ll be voting. The general municipal election in New York will be held on Tuesday, November 7. The vote will determine the mayor, comptroller, public advocate and all seats on the city council in 2017, of which there are 51.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive look at the candidates and their positions on the big issues, coming soon from Metro.

When can I register to vote in NYC?

The deadline to register to vote in NYC is Friday, October 13 if you want to vote in the upcoming election. If you want to register to vote in NYC but don’t particularly care about this election — we urge you to reconsider, though — then you can take your sweet time with the process.

How do I register to vote in NYC?

There’s a couple ways to get the paperwork done. You can head on down to one of eleven Board of Elections offices in the city — because we know you love using your PTO at work to file paperwork — where you can register in-person. If you’re stuck at the office, though, you can print out a New York voter registration form, fill it out with good old ink and send it to the main office of the Board of Elections at 32 Broadway, 7th floor.

You’re best bet if you’ve waited this long to register is probably to file digitally through the DMV website. (Don’t cringe, there’s no waiting in line when you’re working online.) But, and this is a huge but for transplants, you need a valid New York State ID to do so.

What if I need to change my information?

That’s absolutely possible, though a touch more complicated. You’ll need to print out the same voter registration form and send it in to complete changes such as a new address or, gasp, if you’re switching your party enrollment. As with voter registration, allow for a couple extra days since you’ll need to nail in your forms. The Board of Elections needs to receive your documents at least 20 days before the election. That date is Wednesday, October 18, but you should allow a couple days padding to ensure they make it on time.